Welcome to your online store


"Does Total Image Group ship Australia wide?"

Yes, SHIPPING IS FREE! All orders are shipped in bulk direct to school.

"Is there a Minimum Order requirement?"

There is no minimum order quantity! Therefore in unforeseen circumstances you can reorder ONE – no problems.

We can only order the exact amount for our students, what do we do if we just need an extra few for 'just in case'

We can provide you 1 free polo for every 20 that you order. You can rest assured if anything happens to one of your polos you have some spares just in case.

"What if my logo is not clear or big enough to use?"

Not to worry, we can redraw your logo for AT NO CHARGE. We can then keep your logo on file for next time. Total Image Group will not produce any artwork that is not high quality.

How many times can I change the artwork?

We offer up to 3 FREE alterations to artwork, following that there is a $20 fee per change.

"Does Total Image Group Fit Samples?"

Yes, we do! We can send you a fit kit of 10 sample polo shirts to help with making sure you get the right fit for your students.

"How can I see my garment before it arrives?"

Once we have completed your order, all art will be created and sent to you for final sign off. You will be able to view colours as well as front and back designs for your selected polo, checking off all spelling and artwork detail.

"Can production begin on my order without payment?"

No, the order must be paid in full before we proceed.

"How do I pay for my order?"

Payment will be required at time of purchase and can be made via Visa, Mastercard or via official school Purchase Order number.

For NSW Government Schools, our Vendor ID is 0100389694


We have large number of students; how can I sort through my order easily?

Our personlised TIG approach means we provide individual name & class per garment bag, making it easier for you to distribute to your students (and teachers). The orders will be packed by class, making it a simple parcel for each teacher.

Are your garments environmentally friendly?

Yes, our polos have environmentally friendly print and productions via a sustainable zero water waste process. Unlike most garment printers, our process retains ink wastage and does not damage the environment.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

From order sign off to delivery is usually around 6-7 weeks. If we do experience any unforeseen circumstances that mean we cannot meet the advised delivery date we will ensure you are made aware as soon as possible.

I can't see my school colours available in your designs

The designs you seen online are the most common colourways, however we can create any colour combinations for our designs. If you can not see your colours, please contact us and we can ensure your colours are applied in your order.

"What happens if we made a mistake when placing an order?"

Once artwork has been developed and an order has been placed, refunds are not possible. To ensure you are happy with your final product we will ensure you can view your art prior to production and sign off that you are happy with the look and all information is correct.

"I have an issue with my order, what can I do?"

If you have any questions or concerns, you can either email us at schools@totalimagegroup.com.au or call us on (02) 8188 6008 and our friendly team will help you out.

"What if I receive an incorrect item in my order or it's missing an item?"

Please contact our customer care line immediately and we will rectify the problem.

"What is your refund policy?"

We will happily refund any garments that have manufacturing defaults.